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Water Bottles: Types And Wholesale Shopping Tips

17-11-2017| 4.00 pm

In day to day human life, water bottles serve more purpose than we thought earlier. Or it is about helping busy parents, athletes or travelers, water bottles are cheap and effective solution to get water from one point to another, and keep it stored for further usage. This is a major reason that buying a bottle to store water is a time-consuming and complex task. In addition, the purpose behind buying a water bottle adds more confusion in a customer’s mind. People look for bottles that could stay their purposes, such as storing water, help one in staying hydrated all the time and daily usage. Now people can also buy some food grade, eco-friendly and stylish wooden water bottles for their uses and they can easily store their water, coffee, tea and juice in these bottles. Due to high demand of these multi-tasking water bottles, cafeterias,shops and business outlets have now started to stock some stylish water bottles in their outlets, and if you are still looking such items They you can choose it from online portals.


Plus, it has also using a water bottle at home, gym, office or during journey, people want to have a stylish bottle that could keep the water safe while matching their style. Combination of all these things makes it more complex for customers to find and it is really difficult to choose the best water bottles from the wide collection. But the buying procedure becomes even more complicated and confusing when it is about buying water bottles in bulk. In order to invest and getting the right lot of these bottles, it is necessary to know their types.


Types of Water Bottles   


  • Glass Bottles: It is a container used to store water without the fear of any chemical plasticizer. Glass bottles come in various shapes in sizes, but all of them give clean taste as they do not have any harmful chemical. easy to carry and clean. To make the most of these bottles, it is necessary to get bottles made up of the finest glass material.


  • Stainless steel Bottles: Being quite popular among masses, these bottles are made using stainless steel. Their properties include lightweight, practical design, convenient and easy availability. These bottles are usually purchased from huge quantities due to these properties and inexpensive prices. use them to store their hot beverages and they can also carry these bottles to anywhere.


  • Insulated Water Bottles: These bottles are known as vacuum-sealed containers which are usually used to store water for a long time. Its major advantages include the bottle’s efficiency to keep water cold or hot for a long time.


  • Plastic Water Bottles: These are simple and cheapest bottles to store and carry water. But a major problem with these bottles is that they could carry the bacteria and it is difficult to clean them.


  • Aluminum Water Bottles: Lighter than steel bottles, these water containers come with properties like being resistant and recycle.


  • Bamboo Bottles: Made of bamboo and glass, these bottles are becoming more popular from customers. They are safe, reusable, durable and with insulation properties. In addition, they are tough and stylish to carry anywhere and store water for a long period of time .


Buying one bottle is a different thing as the mistake of buying one wrong or unsuitable product can be corrected in future, but it is necessary to consider several things when the bottles are going to be bought in bulk. The buyer has to think of people’s choice , current trend in market and many others to ensure that only the right product has been purchased. It is essential to keep all these factors in mind as investment in a wrong lot could be a costly mistake.


How would you buy the perfect water bottles for your business?


Attention to Bottle Material


As bottle manufacturers make various types of water bottles, it is important to choose the bottles made up of right material. Here, right material means considering what type of bottles are in trend in which area and how is the product response. So, while the look of water bottles, it is also essential to pay special attention to the material they are made of.



Consider Bottle Size


In addition to different material types, water bottle manufactures develop bottles of different sizes. Here, the purchaser can invest by considering the bottles of which sizes could be beneficial for them. The individual can figure out that by conducting research in the market to know what size of bottles are quite popular among people. Apart from that, manufacturers must provide you the customization option and they should print your business name and logo on these products as per your requirement.



Focus Safety 


People are smart today, and invest only in products that are beneficial for their pocket as well as their health. There are bottle types which are not safe for children, so one should figure out for people of what age are they buying the water bottle lot The buyer should be aware of ‘Product Safety Aware’ to ensure that only the right and safe water bottles have been purchased.



Check Water Bottle Qualities


People always look for cheap, beneficial for health and easy to handle products, and bottles are among them. Before investing in a lot of water bottles, it is necessary to consider qualities that bottles have. They must be made of high-quality material and with properties like easy to clean and carry.



Contact Authorized Dealer


In order to get the right products, one should contact only an authorized and licensed bottle manufacturer. The supplier must have good reputation for products and meeting deadline. In addition, the dealer must have all kinds of water bottles in their stock. Plus, they should also have services of supplying bottles in huge amount, so that requirement of a purchaser could be fulfilled.



Buying products in bulk comes with a facility of getting in in cheaper prices and in huge amount. A buyer should consider all the above mentioned properties, but it is also necessary to discuss budget and product price with them.



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